Jeanne M Stives Jewelry

Hand Crafted Jewelry

I love making jewelry. My workroom is the happiest room in the house! I imagine chefs feel that way about their kitchens! My journey into jewelry started with a triple strand necklace of peacock colored pearls I admired on someone else. In 2005, I purchased beads, tools and supplies and taught myself the basics of making jewelry while recovering from major back surgery. The long days (and nights) of recovery gave me hours to study, create and experiment. I nailed the necklace, and soon, other pieces. I then attended classes and studied with nationally renowned instructors in beading and wire wrapping. My interest in a variety of techniques provides for a diverse inventory, however wire wrapping is my favorite. Even so, I will always have a peacock pearl necklace in my inventory in homage to my beginnings. I have also taken an interest in the metaphysical qualities of different stones and crystals and how their energy may impact our own body's energy. Ask a woman why she tried on five different necklaces to find the right one and it's usually because it "felt" or "looked" like the right one. I am curious about both. I have a BFA in Theatre from UW-Milwaukee, and in my 20's, I enjoyed a successful career as a stage manager. This was followed by 17 years working for a major healthcare philanthropy as I raised my son. I grew up in West Allis, Wisconsin, and currently make my home in Central New Jersey with my husband and son. Life is such a crazy ride!